Celia Palli’s new album “I’ll Be Fine” does it for me

Angels do sing and when they do melodies touch hearts. Today Celia Palli is my angel, I’ve fallen in love with her voice and stories in song. Celia’s new bilingual album “I’ll Be Fine” has ten tracks, three of which are in Spanish, even if you do not understand Spanish you will for sure understand the spirit of her songs.

I discovered Celia on twitter about two years ago and had the opportunity to see her perform live at Toronto’s The Cameron House. What’s lovable about Celia’s music is it’s simplistic honesty, she has a certain childish innocence about her that pulls you in (she did me in). She motivates with tracks like “Mamma”, which talks about her love for her mother and the wisdom she imparted, this song will be timeless. The song “with love in your eyes” is one of my favorites, it has the feel of falling in love. Have you ever had a moment when you look at your partner and say to yourself “yes it’s true, I love him/her”? Well this song captures that very moment, it will for sure bring a smile to your heart.

Every song on this album has it’s own power pull you in artistically and seem to speak about varying dimension of Celia’s personal and romantic life. I’d love to sit with her and hear the background stories, maybe one day still.

Overall this album is a must listen, it’s lyrically well written. Celia’s voice and Spanish influence has a presence that will captivate you as you enjoy it.

Celia Palli's new album "I'll Be Fine"
Celia Palli’s new album “I’ll Be Fine”