Who is Bobby Jindal?

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, Republican Governor of Louisiana


The last National Republican Convention was August 2012, while watching Mitt Romney address the convention I recall observing the cameras sweep the crowd and couldn’t help noticing how white the audience was compared to the diversity and “colour” of the Democratic National Convention. We all know the outcome of the elections, Obama got a second term. The Republican party was left ponding it’s future, they were/are a party out of touch with the American populous and the party membership did not reflect the diversity of the American people.

Quick history note, the Republican Party was originally the party supported by African Americans from after the Civil War on through the early part of the 20th century, at which point there was a steady but gradual switch to the Democratic party.

But anyway the point of my quick blog post has to do with, who is Bobby Jindal?

Piyush Jindal as he was born is the son of Amar and Raj Jindal, immigrants from Punjab India. Jindal has been the Governor of Lousisiana since 2008 when he beat the Democratic incumbent. Jindal is consider by many to be the front runner for the Republican leadership and their next Presidential candidate. Oh by the way, Bobby Jindal is a Christian convert living in a southern state, which is not a trivial point. This means the republican party will be positioning a visible minority to try and attract the “minority vote” and he is also a candidate that the southern church believe they can support. In my mind Bobby Jindal is a man we all need to pay attention to.

The 58th U.S. presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Leading up to his election Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal will be fighting for leadership of the Republican party (my predictions). If Hillary Clinton decides to run it will make for a very interesting 2016 (list of other potential Democratic candidates). Personally I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Bring Sally up Bring Sally Down Pushup Challenge

Bring Sally up Bring Sally Down Pushup Challenge


Several weeks ago at a BBQ a bunch of us guys were shooting off at the mouth talking about a whole lot of crap like guys always do. Then we started talking about doing push ups at which point Adrian deared me to try the “Bring Sally up Bring Sally Down Pushup Challenge”. I accepted his challenge and failed horribly, but of course I blamed it on the food and alcohol lol.

Now as I write this it’s early morning and I can’t blame it on anything. My plan is to train myself on this video every sunday morning until I can do it three times in a row so I can show off at the next BBQ. Who’s willing to jump in on this training with me? This challenge is open to both gents and ladies.

If you are looking for some extra motivation, here are some of the benefits of pushups:


  1. Upper Body Conditioning
  2. Core Strength
  3. Increase Bone Mass
  4. Increase Metabolic Rate

And here are even more benefits: http://www.md-health.com/Benefits-Of-Push-Ups.html


Important Notes:

  1. There are some pauses in the music, during these moments you must hold your position
  2. Do not put your belly or knees on the floor, no cheating


I finished it but had to take two breaks, eventually I’ll be able to do without breaks 🙂

Paul George should not have been playing for USA Basketball


Did you see the video of Paul George’s injury? It was gruesome, absolutely nasty. Athletes get hurt all the time during regular play, however this time it was in a game for USA Basketball during the NBA off season. George was not playing for the Indiana Pacers in a regular NBA game.

My question is this, where is the line, what can a player do during their off season? Away from their regular clubs, should players be allowed to play for their national teams at the risk of getting injured?

This is an ongoing debate. If I were a GM or owner of a franchise, I would not want my players playing for other teams during their off season. Yes I do agree, players could also get hurt training and scrimmaging during the summer, we know it happens. So where should this line be drawn, how much insurance should you take out on your players when they are not actually playing for you during the regular season? So many questions and it seems I have more questions than suggested answers.

Paul George will most likely miss the next NBA season. Being the significant player that he is, his absence will negatively impact the Indiana Pacers and by extension the entire eastern conference. I think one solution to this is to not have professional players play for their national teams, what do you think?

Watch video here: http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2014/08/01/george-injury-mars-usa-basketball-showcase/

What does a dream really mean?

Garfield dreaming of Garfield sleeping


What does a dream really mean? last night in my dreams I was in a passionate lip lock with a friend, ass grabbing, the whole shebang a full make out session. It was a very vivid dream. I have vivid dreams all the time and awake the next morning thinking about them, asking myself “what does it mean?”

Surely this happens to you as well, pleasant fun dreams, scary disturbing dreams, all sort of dreams. Do you ever try to decipher your dreams? If you Google “Dream Meaning” you will find about 55,300,000 results in just 0.35 seconds. There are a lot of written material about this subject of dreams and their meanings.

In my opinion a dream could mean nothing at all, just the by product of an over active or tired mind. Some people believe that God talks to us through dreams (many biblical stories about this). There are also opinions that in dreams the subconscious mind communicates or reveal things to the conscious mind.

Whatever a dreams means (if it does have meaning at all) does not matter to me. What’s truly important is what we do when we are awake because that is what really counts.

Dream Text message
dream text message