The four levels of performance and how to move up

The four levels of performance

1. Below Par: You are not even in the game – expect to be ejected from the field of play.
2. At Par (average): You get nothing for being average – have no expectations for rewards. At this level of play you have a good understanding of most game rules and you play the game at a comfortable pace.
3. Above Par: You are now playing the game at an elite level – expect rewards and additional playing time. At this level other players follow your lead and depend on you for their bread. You constantly demonstrate mastery of the game rules.
4. Stellar: You are no longer a player, now you sit in the owner’s box and negotiate with the commissioner. At this point you play by a whole set of new rules, in fact you sometimes change and invent the rules of play because the stakes are now galactic.

How to move from level 1 to 4
1. Get a Coach: Find the best possible coach you can afford and have that person teach you how to play and the rules of the game. Over time get progressively better coaches as you move up the levels.
2. Change your Mind: Reprogram your mind and elevate your vantage point. You must be able to see yourself as a higher level player and see the game as an intelligent player.
3. Work Smart: Put in the time and effort to improve. But it’s also important to become efficient, find ways to multiply your efforts and receive multiplications on your returns.
4. Cheat: Reduce your learning time by learning from other stellar players. Have them help you to accelerate your advance.